Events and Promotions

Winter 2017 Promotions
Dental Month Special:
Schedule a comprehensive dental exam and cleaning for your dog or cat and receive our great special pricing. Our annual Pet Dental Health Month Special is held in February and March. We offer a 20% discount on all dental procedures and products.
Our routine dental cleaning for dogs and cats is $299, which includes a pre-operative exam, IV catheter, IV fluids, general anesthesia, dental scaling and polishing, dedicated anesthesia monitoring, and intra-operative pain medication. Pre-operative blood work, tooth extractions, and medication for home use are additional.


Wednesday Vaccine Clinic:

During our weekly vaccine clinic, you can bring your pet to receive vaccines without a physical exam. We highly recommend to get a routine check up before vaccination if your pet has not been examined by a licensed veterinarian within the past 12 months.

Every WEDNESDAY from 10am – 1pm  and 3pm – 6pm

Cat Vaccine Prices: FVRCP $21, FeLV $20, Dewormer (Pyrantel) $12, Rabies $17.50 

Dog Vaccine Prices: DHLPP $24, Bordetella $18, Dewormer (Pyrantel) $12, Rabies $17.50

We also recommend bringing a fresh fecal sample of your pet for lab testing to make sure that your pet is free from any internal parasites. Our routine fecal parasite test costs $28.